Member Rules

We ask all our members to follow the simple rules posted below. Ignoring these rules will result in your and/or your Corporation’s exit from the alliance. We have these rules to give our community structure and avoid player drama.  All members old and new will have 48 hours from your join date to activate your services. If you need help, just ask in Alliance chat or contact the Diplomatic Team.


Good intel saves more ships than anything else, and Monkey-Country is the Alliance intel channel.  If you are online playing EVE, you must be in the Monkey-Country in-game channel. This is not optional.


All members should be in Discord (also called Miranda) whenever possible. You may mute or adjust notifications to your liking but please don't alter the Announcements channel.


We require all members to be in Alliance voice comms when playing Eve Online. The Alliance uses TeamSpeak for voice comms.  Please make sure it’s set up correctly (including push-to-talk) after joining the Alliance. If you prefer a less chatty player experience move to your corp channel. Ops will be in task force/standing fleet channels, not the Cantina. Please don't sit mute and deaf in Mumble. Nobody can help you if they can't reach you.  When you’re AFK, please move to AFK.

Standing Fleets

If you are not doing Corporation ops or something that requires its own fleet, then you must be in the Alliance standing fleet. No standing fleet? Create one!

Alliance Doctrines

There is a link to Alliance doctrines in the Alliance MOTD. Flying unified doctrines allows Alliance Fleet Commanders (FC’s) to better manage fleet capabilities, goals, combat, etc.  You and your Corporation’s members are expected to skill into these ships, which will generally be provided by the Alliance before PAP fleets. You and your Corporation’s members are strongly encouraged to have these ships in your hangars, as well, so you can develop experience with them outside of PAP fleets.  Until you and your Corporation’s members are able to fly doctrine ships, you will need to fly your own support ships during PAP fleets.

Community Respect

If you find a member of SMA having trouble and have the time to assist another member, please do!  We are very community based and the most honoring moment is watching one monkey help another monkey.

At the same time, this is an internet spaceship game and trolling will happen.  Please keep trolling to a minimum. Furthermore, doxxing, hate speech, and harassment will earn you a quick trip to an exit.


Although we respect your right to your political views, the Alliance is not a place to share them. Keep politics out of Alliance chat, Discord and Mumble. If you want to post or read politics, keep it on Facebook.

CEO Management

CEOs oversee their Corporation’s members. If people in your Corporation are not following rules, your Corp’s CEO needs to sort it out. Failing to do so, an SMA Diplomat will attempt to help resolve the issue or show you and/or your Corporation to the nearest exit.

Sites & Anomalies

Sites and Anomalies are first-come, first-serve. At the same time, we always encourage you to work with others. If you’re not looting or salvaging, offer it to others in alliance chat.

Free Market

SMA runs free markets--no bitching about market prices! if you don’t like the price, sell the same stuff for less. We do, however, ask that Doctrine contract prices be kept reasonable. Make sure that you ARE making a profit, but don’t be a jerk.

Alliance Mail

Do not send in-game Alliance mail. There is zero need for it, and it bypasses the Alliance’s attempts to maintain OpSec. You may send an Alliance mail with a link to a forum announcement or post, but do not include any content (and especially no Alliance intel!) in the mail.


All members must register for Alliance services through our Auth and PHPBB forums, & must add ALL of their Eve Online characters to SEAT. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Failure to disclose all alts will result in removal from the Alliance and potential blacklisting.

Corporation Requirements

All our corporations are held to the same expectations. This makes sure our community is based on fairness as we create equal opportunity for all members.

Minimum Member Count

All corporations are required to have a minimum of 5 real people in their corporations before joining our community. We do this to promote growth within the community.

Alliance Days

There are planned ops every Sunday and Tuesday (midnight to midnight EVE time) to help fund Alliance activities. These ops include mining, ratting, salvaging and exploration. All Alliance members should join the fleets they are most interested in on those days. All ore, loot and salvage collected on Sundays and Tuesdays goes to help fund Alliance expenses including ships, moon drills, and stations. Together we can accomplish great things!

Fleet Activity

The Alliance attempts to form fleets for various purposes every day.  You do not have to participate in every fleet, but we like to remind you that fleets at an alliance level are based on community goals & to better the alliance. All members are required to participate in 3 fleets per month. A participation link will be available at the end of each fleet that qualifies as a player activity participation or “PAP” fleet. Fun fleets, drunken roams and standing fleets usually do not include PAP credit.  

Member Rules

Each Corporation’s leadership oversees its players. It is each CEO’s responsibility to ensure that their Corporation’s members follow the Alliance’s rules. This includes enforcing these rules.