Welcome to Eve Online, We our so happy you have decided to join Spacemonkey's Alliance. On this page you will find quite a bit of information that we have picked out, to try & help you overcome this games large learning curve. The information we have chosen is intended for you to learn specific subjects that you will want to know before jumping into combat with your alliance, the "basics". This guide is not intended to teach you the entire game. Make sure you ask questions as well as search guides and you-tube videos as everyone learns differently & learns at different speeds. Most importantly, play the game and have fun.


Setting a Medical Clone

One of the first things you will want to do upon arriving inD2-HOS  is setting a clone. Clones make sure that when you die, you will always come back to the station your clone is in. As a new player this is very important as you don't want to fly all the way back to the system every time you die, this could be upwards of 30+ jumps & would make anyone want to stop playing. The video below is a short video released by the game developers "ccp" on youtube explaining how clones work with detailed instructions.

Basic Video Series

Below is a series of videos published by quill18 on youtube. This mini series is set to help you learn some of the basic things in eve online. All though the series is long, we encourage you to watch and play along with the series. The videos explain a lot of brief basic eve-online skills that are necessary to play the game. In eve online there can be more then one way to accomplish a task. It's important to keep an open mind & not get frustrated when first learning. More importantly, keep logging in, keep asking questions & you will find you learn everything you want to know. By far the largest problem with this game is the learning curve for new pilots, once overcome, this is a fantastic game.

Eve Careers

In the image below, you will find all the different careers and different ways you can spend your time in eve online. This image is helpful to show you just how many things you can do in the game. There is no exact path for every single person. In our alliance we encourage you to start the game by running missions (talked about later on this page) as well as using our skill plan as we have found it is the best way to get you integrated with our community the fastest and enjoy the game.


One of the things you use will commonly use, is your overview. Your overview shows you the objects around you in space. Because of how many objects in space can be around you, its important to be able to filter what is currently relevant to what you are trying to accomplish in the game. A few good examples on using your overview would be. Filtering out all friendly ships around you to make sure you don't shoot your friends well involved in PVP. Filtering out everything but NPC ships, Hostiles & Wrecks. This video shows you how to setup a good overview with tabs to switch back and fourth between different overviews. This video was published on youtube by BasedSM

Skills Training

Every item in Eve online requires a different set of skills to use. You can show info on any item and view the prerequisites to see what skills you would need to use the item.  The video below is by PocketsDK on youtube. This video will show you how to use the skill training Que for your character, as well as, explaining the different training speeds between omega characters and alpha characters (paid vs unpaid). In our alliance we provide you with a starting training que as well as the skill books, starting ships & modules you would need to begin your journey. After you do your initial setup (Seat, Auth & Services) & make your way to our staging system. You will be provided with all of these items free of charge to help you get started. Starting Training Que .