SeAT (Simple, Eve Online Corporation and API management tool)

The first tool we will set up is called SeAT. SeAT is used in our alliance to help leadership whittle out potential spies and protect members within the alliance. We have a rule that all characters owned by members of SMA must be added to SeAT. It is important if you start a new character that you also make sure this character is on SeAT, even if the character is not in the alliance. Members are actively purged out of corps & the alliance for not following this rule. To add your character to SeAT CLICK HERE, or visit
Let's start by adding your first and Primary Character (in SMA we like to call them "toons")! Click the link above or visit in another browser tab or window. You will be prompted to log in with Eve Online. Next select the toon on the account that you would like to be your primary character. Scroll to the bottom and click "AUTHORIZE". This will create your SeAT profile and add your primary toon. Easy, right? Now, let's add the others. In the top right of SeAT, select the drop down arrow next to your newly added toon. This will open a small panel with a button that says "Link Character". Click the button, select the next toon you want to add, then rinse and repeat. SeAT is not just an awesome security tool, it's also a great way to track your assets and your character's skill progress out of game. Take a moment and browse around. When you're done, move on to the next step in the tabs above.