July IT donations

96% funded

Unfortunately, a big community means higher infrastructure costs. These services cannot be hosted out of someone’s house or small business because of the high resources, frequent attacks & the data stored. So we have to pay monthly to have them hosted in a real data center such as Ovh, Digital Ocean or Amazon. Here is the current breakdown of our Alliance services. you will find this will get updated over time as we grow. 

  • Domains $23.99 Annually ( eve-sma.com, deadmonkeygaming.com )
  • Dedicated Server $130 Monthly ( Intel Xeon 16c/ 32t / 256GB Memory / 500GB SSD x2 RAID 0 / 

This is completely voluntary. If you want to help by donating, then help. If not then don’t 🙂 Alliance leadership will always make sure Mr Space Monkey has what he needs for the community.

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Donation Total: $20.00