SMA Lore: The Good The Bad The Corrupt -Chapter 2

Executors Logs: So long and thanks for all the fish


"Its important for context to understand that this war would forever change the landscape of New Eden more than any other from the perspective of SMA". 

At this time we are considered 'tributes' of Mostly Harmless but tensions over the Vanguard alliance scenario is not making us allot of friends in Mostly Harmless leadership. The scale of what was now happening with this war is heard through the tone of desperation during NC alliance war room meetings. These meetings are only for full members of the Northern Coalition. We were the only Tribute alliances there. We had flushed out the corrupt efforts of Mostly Harmless via Vanguard to extort and profiteer their own tributes. We had also found out that SMA fleet numbers where being counted as Mostly Harmless participation..This had pissed off allot of people who realized that SMA was propping up Mostly Harmless at a fraction of their size. We were brought into the command channels for "direct communication" but I could tell it was more of a jab at MH leadership.

What ever the reason it is exiting to be brought into these conversations even if it was 100% apparent that we were on the loosing side of this war. We also still did not have access to 98% of the stations or resources as the full members did. None the less we still felt as an alliance that we are part of something bigger than our selves. At least while it last.


Something smells like bullshit. While we send people to NC fleets to the East we are now also fighting the new NC. out of NPC Pure Blind daily. They take our Tech moons and we take them back. The difference is that it's an all out struggle to the death for us and NC. seems to only be toying with us. Yesterday one of our guys tackled an NC. Dram on a gate only to have two mother ships (supper carriers) dropped on him. All to kill a fucking cruiser? When I called out the leader of NC. in local for it he was a condescending smug asshole over it. I told our members on TS jokingly that from this day forward let it be known that Vince Draken is a cunt. The guys started spamming it in local I just hope that it doesn't get them into to much trouble. An NC. pilot responded in local with "EX River must hate us" and now "EX River hates you" has also been added to local spam... At least our members are having some fun with it. This has been a long war and I think the only thing keeping us in it, is our fleet participation in the NC fleets. The struggle has started to take its toll and now for the first time we had to request help from the NC to retake one of our moons. This was because more than NC. have started showing up in the fights. We were told the NC cant help you. When I asked why I was told by NC fleet Command that we live to close to the enemy...  A few minutes later I was asked how many I would be sending to the next NC CTA to save a Morsus Mihi moon. Like I said, bullshit.


There was allot of back and forth today in command channels about another alliance that was coming to our aid. I asked who this Goon Swarm Federation was and was laughed at for not knowing. Apparently we had arrived to the nul sec seen right after the end of what they called the Great War. The war against Band of Brothers. (BOB). It was supposed to have been a big deal and was behind the creation of the Northern Coalition in the first place. I felt pretty out of place and quickly realized that I had allot of catching up to do. Not everybody was happy that GSF was coming to help and there seemed to be a lot of distrust. The only problem I was having was that the people displaying the distrust were also the people that I think are corrupt as shit. Apparently the NC and the GSF were sworn brothers of war but Goons had previous pacts with the Russian groups in the DRF that had up to this point kept them out of the fight. Honor in  space is not something that I have encountered much outside of my own alliance.. This makes me exited to meet our new allies.


The blood in the water has more than the DRF looking to feed off of this conflict. Pandemic Legion a nomadic mercenary alliance was now on contract against the NC and this month has been a shit show of losses. But today was special.. The following was sent to me via eve mail.

As of 23th december all venal tech moons are owned by Pandemic Legion.

70 tech moons producing 90b isk a week.

All alliances but the original Goonfleet will be hunted down and killed if entering Pandemic Legion’s region.

For renter agreements and buying the tech moons contact Pandemic Legion.

-Pandemic Legion, 12/23/2010

This is something that I cant even wrap my head around. This is just one region out of many that the NC was controlling. 90 billion in isk a week.. Were is this money? Why are members of the NC scraping the bottom of the barrel just trying to stay in the fight? It is also a well known fact that the NC has been building Titans and Mother ships the whole time they have been in the north. So where are they? If the NC has been building these god dammed things than why does it seem that the only people that have them are enemies. This is a problem for me. SMA has been bleeding to save these Isk farms and Titan factories for months.. I think it might be time to focus on SMA. I ordered SMA members to not go to Venal and to focus on retaking and holding our own assets. Its not like I need to worry about the NC coming to kick us out. Remember we live to close to the enemy..


The war with the DRF looks different to us but is none the less crushing. This weeks events have me still in shock. We were contacted by the GSF sky marshal. We were asked if we would be willing to give up two of our systems in order to bring Test alliance into the fight. Instead of going to the NC war room I listened to the proposal about a Jump bridge connection between Pure Blind and Cloud Ring my self. The difference between talking to NC leadership and GSF was night and day. There was respect and acknowledgment that SMA has bleed for what they were asking us to sacrifice. We spoke in great length with Rydis and and Vile Rat the GSF Sky Marshal and diplomatic leader within their ranks. Rydis explained that they had been watching us and wanted to deal with us directly. After a quick chat we have agreed to give both 6GWE-A and J-OK0C and in exchange they would help help us where they could.

Shortly after the systems were exchanged we were contacted by Mostly Harmless leadership demanding that we give them all of our moons and systems and leave. I told them that if they want them to come and get them. I also informed them that any aggression against SMA would be a forfeit their moons and space in Fade as well.  That was two days ago.. Today we learned that MH leadership stole all their alliance assets and dropped corp. Apparently I was right about that whole corruption thing. As of today SMA space is SMA space. This KQ pocket is ours and we will share it with whoever the hell we want. As for the fate of the NC .. I'm not sure how much longer our new neighbors are  going to fight to keep them alive. On a side note 200+ GSF and Test jumped into KDV today and helped save our Tech Moon. For some reason NC. didn't bother showing up.

SMA Lore: Monkeys & Angels -Chapter 1

Executors Logs: Our push into KDV-DE


The recent events have left us racing to catch our breath. Months of planning and theory crafting could not have predicted that the Northern Coalition would let some Low sec pirates throw a wrench in our shit. Sirius Cybernetics Was a member of Mostly Harmless after all. These were supposed to be members of one of the most feared coalitions in New Eden.. Yet days before our invasion of the K-QUVW constellation in Pure Blind It appears that two other groups have already pushed in on our target. And yet I see an opportunity in disguise. I will send a diplomat to speak with Sirius Cybernetics and offer our services in their defense. After all it's not like they knew that we were originally coming for them. We will recapture the space on their behalf and then keep it. If they can not keep some low life pirates from claiming what is theirs then they do need to have it after all. In the end It will be much easier to take it from the few then to pry it from the hands of the many.


Success! Our diplomats have found both good and bad news. The bad news is that it turns out that the task of liberating the area from Yggdrasill. Was already tasked to Vanguard. Alliance. The good news is that they are fantastically terrible and we have been given a “Tribute” status in the NC. We now have a  green light to step in. The line members have started referring to Vanguard. pilots as “Unicorns”. Because seeing one is a rare and magical occurrence. They were tasked with retaking KDV-DE from Yggdrasill. And it has taken them the better part of a month. We held back just enough to let them trip and fall on their faces a few times before assisting them with the TCU kill. However, even after we killed the TCU they managed to botch dropping their own and Red Army Alliance swooped in to take advantage of the fuck up. This mistake has changed everything!  


The Red Army Alliance’s appearance brought a lot of the wrong kind of attention to the area. The sharks have begun to smell blood in the water.  The fights have become bigger than we could have ever expected. Rumor has it that Mostly Harmless has begun to take a lot of flak from Northern Coalition leadership and they have been taking us to task. The leader of Vanguard. Has been too quick to play his hand though. He went behind Mostly Harmless leadership today and asked for NC intervention directly. He tried to throw SMA under the bus but it was too late. Killboards don't lie after all and many members of other alliances within the NC had already heard the whispers about their “Unicorns” reputation. Our vengeance for their efforts will be swift. But not yet.. Not yet.


As a Tribute Alliance to Mostly Harmless SMA has been granted a system to call our own. Quite an empty gesture as UC3H-Y is now controlled by the IAC. There were conditions though. We had a deadline. If we did not take the system soon then the NC was going to deploy to the area to push us and the hostiles out. The problem was that the IAC had dropped two high resist large POS in UC3 to stage out of. Each with a pile of guns. But we have come up with a clever little plan. I am calling it Ghosting. We have even created a fleet doctrine for the tactic called ghost fleet. If it works it will let 20 or 30 of us take down what normally would take a capital fleet. We are going to need a lot of bombs. If we can just reinforce those towers IAC will not have the ability to reship or resupply during engagements. This will let us push on the TCU. I just hope we have enough people to pull it off.


It fucking worked! Those lazy fucks had placed all of their defenses in a big group at the top of the POS and bombing them out of commission only took 30 min on each tower! After the guns were down we were able to reinforce both towers with torpedoes. During the operation we even made a new ally. Mordus Angels live in the NPC space in Pure Blind and had offered their assistance in taking down the TCU. It was going to be close but at the last minute the locals flooded with Mostly Harmless Battle Cruisers! It seems they finally decided to actually show up. Apparently one of their FCs had defied an order and came in with an assist. Why would they have issued an order to let their space stay in hostile hands? Something's not right in Mostly Harmless leadership. It seems that their line knows it too.


It’s been two months and SMA has managed to hold on to UC3. During this time the fighting in K-QUVW has settled to skirmishes over the handful of rare moons in the area. The primary group in RED.OverLord Doom. has spearheaded most of these engagements. War is about to break out in the East and it would appear that we were all going to be conscripted. Every NC alliance and their Tributes are to supply Battleships and pilots to an all out bloodbath that ultimately we are losing. Every alliance was to offer ship replacement to their members during the war. Having no access to rare moon money SMA would have to build her ship hulls. But betrayal has struck! While moving freight through a local Jump bridge network our once friends Mordus Angels have back stabbed SMA and destroyed a crucial shipment of resources needed to resupply SMA’s eastern war efforts.

The leadership of Vanguard. Wasted no time in running to NC leadership with news claiming that SMA could not meet its commitments. Only this would be the last time that they crossed us. You see When asked why SMA did not have moon rights in their own systems Mostly Harmless told them that they had given moon right to Vangaurd instead and that Mostly Harmless was “holding” those moons for them. Besides the fact that “Holding” the moons for them was corrupt as shit especially during the war NC leadership took notice that Vangaurd. Was not in the current CTA fleet. When confronted the Vangaurd. Leader confessed that they were in Fade ratting in Mostly Harmless space because they couldn't afford ships..

I private messaged the leader of the NC told him SMA was leaving the CTA fleet to fucking burn Vangaurd out. He replied a minute later with “Make sure you are back for the next fleet”.

I later confronted Gen EVE Leader of Mordus Angels. He lied and brushed off the attack. Asked for the standings to be set back to +5. Reluctantly we agreed. A short time later a second freighter was lost on the same Jump Bridge. This time it was empty. Pure Blind once saw  Monkeys and Angels flying together. No more and just like the now burning Vangaurd. their days are numbered.