This is my ship.. There are many like it.

A fleet doctrine is a a set of one or more type of ships with preset fits that are designed to compliment each other increasing the overall effectiveness of the whole fleet and its probability of winning engagements or otherwise achieving the objectives of the doctrine. Inquisition doctrines are designed to be light and fast. SMA utilizes Speed, Stealth and Range to achieve our objectives. We also utilize force multipliers wherever possible to help turn the tide of every battle. Our fleets work as a combined force. A grind machine that has little place for random ship types or fits outside of the doctrine. We fly together with purpose. 

Why the hell are there so many Caladari missile ships in SMA doctrines right now?

The answer is simple. Stealth Bombers. These covert ops ships are the primary ship in the SMA Ghost Fleet doctrine and Ghost fleet is the driving force behind the Inquisition. They allow us to pick the fights we want and provide ample amounts of DPS with their torpedoes. A battleship class weapon fitted to a frigate that can warp while cloaked. Because we need as many pilots as possible to be able to competently fly these little wonders of New Eden, SMA has put allot of backing into the use of missiles.  Caldari has most of the missile ships. Every race has its own Stealth Bomber though, and we don't have one preference over another. But the ability the do monster damage at range with those fat fun sticks is a must! 

Bellow you will find a four stage training plan. If you follow this plan you will be able to fly some of the most bad ass ships in this game! The plan will allow you to progress your way through the alliance doctrines, making sure that you will always have a place in an SMA fleet regardless of where you are in your training. Every salty veteran was in your shoes once and we know what its like to get distracted in your training. There are so many awesome ships in this game and we too were all tempted to blitz to that battleship or Orca. However, try to remember that just being able to "fly"said ship does not give you the support or core skills needed to make it effective or even to survive a basic engagement.  My advice is that if you are going to swipe that credit card that you buy skill injectors to kill the skill ques bellow first. That way your new shiny will be as deadly as it looks! Also consider that once you inject skills they are there for ever. No other player can take them from you. Your cool new armor fit Raven with rockets will only live on, within the shame pages of the killboard. 

"Holy rusty metal Batman! That's 120 Skill books and 150 day 13 hours and 39 minutes! What the hell do I get for doing that?"

The answer is a well rounded pilot that can fly T2 fitted Frigates, cruisers and Battle Cruisers, Stealth bombers and Covert ops. You get a pilot that can rock Tactical destroyers  such as the Jackdaw and you are now the proud owner of a pilot that can in less than a day train into Recon Cruisers, Heavy Assault Cruisers, Force Recons, Startigic T3 Cruisers and the list goes on...  Your welcome. 

That's right getting to the end of STAGE FOUR makes you a legitimate bad ass. There are so many places you can go from here. Good luck on all your training recruit. 

STAGE ONE SKILL QUE: 20 Skills (10 unique)

Training time: 3d, 20h, 13m, 25s. Skill book cost: 367,500isk Total skill points: 166,003 SP This phase can be trained using 2x Small Skill Injectors. -PHASE ONE includes some core skills, basic drone and mining and the frigate skills needed to fly the entry level Mob Fleet DPS and EWAR ships. It will also get you into the Venture mining frigate.

STAGE TWO SKILL QUE: 27 Skills (12 unique) -Includes STAGE ONE

Training time: 22d, 15h, 10m, 42s. Skill book cost: 1,310,000 isk Total skill points: 977,721 SP This phase can be trained using 1x Large 5x Small Skill Injectors. -PHASE TWO Includes more core skills, Destroyer and light missiles, frigate logistics needed to fly the Mob T2 and T1 Frigate Logistics and improve competency.

STAGE THREE SKILL QUE: 51 Skills (26 unique) -Includes STAGE ONE and PHASE TWO

Training time: 52d, 16h, 34m, 49s. Skill book cost: 19,547,500 isk Total skill points: 2,319,396 SP This phase can be trained using 4x Large 4x Small Skill Injectors. -PHASE THREE Includes more core skills, Cruisers, Battle Cruiser and heavy missiles, ECM and Entosis links. Destroyer Lvl 5 improve missile and range competency.

STAGE FOUR SKILL QUE: 120 Skills (46 unique) -Includes STAGE ONE, PHASE TWO and PHASE THREE

Training time: 150d, 13h, 39m, 15s. Skill book cost: 51,202,500 isk Total skill points: 6,504,529 SP This phase can be trained using 13x Large 4x Small Skill Injectors. -PHASE Four Includes core skills to Lvl 4, Torpedoes, Frigate Lvl 5 Covert ops, Cloaking, Bomb deployment, Cynos and combat probing Cruiser Lvl 5