SMA was born in 2009 from exiled small corporations who banned together with one common goal of taking nullsec space in eve online. Since our beginning we have held many different regions of sovereignty space. Our alliance has seen a player base as high as 7600 members. SMA has history in some of the largest scale PVP fights to ever take place in Eve Online. We host various real life events for our community to give players the opportunity to meet all the friends they have made in a safe welcoming environment.

"We've come full circle. Circumventing the know universe. Looking for a place to call home. Searching for what was, because those that were there before remember. Tired and strung out we finally discovered what we were looking for. Not a home, or refuge. We found a glimpse of what it was in the beginning. Through the eyes of the new and the empty courage of the violence that preys on the weak Others joined our little group drawn to an Idea forged out of necessity. An Idea older than any standing coalition in New Eden. Free of political persuasion. Free of corruption and greed.. A simple idea that once launched an empire! A nation born not on the backs of an elite few but one forged by the many and the sacrifices of the forgotten. Our alliance seeks Dedicated individuals that understand that strength and prosperity is found in the community itself not in the number of Capital ships that you field or space that you claim. It takes strong pilots to make a strong corporation. Strong corporations, to make a strong alliance.

We have been called a dead alliance. Inactive, a non-threat. Those that experienced our intent know better. But let them say what they will. The politics of EVE are no concern of ours. Only the punishment of the heresy of those that think they can take and hold what is ours. By those that prey on the weak. Destabilizing a region and placing it in fractured chaos. We are the Inquisition.  We will build our resolve and those that stand in our way will reap it. We are not interested in anything else but our original holdings in Pure Blind. We are done living under the shadows of the wars of past. We hold no grudge or Ill will towards anybody except for those that stand in the way of our goals. Many months from now when we launch our Inquisition..  Those that want to assist in putting SMA and the stability that we will bring back to the area are welcome allies. Those that mean to interfere directly will suffer the Inquisition. We did not come back for good fights or to be somebody's content. The Inquisition will only bring a nonstop grind and scorched earth."

~ EX River, Executor of the Space Monkey Alliance

We accept Alpha & Omega accounts in to our community with open arms and love training fresh players seeking an alliance to call home.