Member Authentication 

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Alliance Member Rules 

We ask all of our members to follow the simple rules posted below. Ignoring these rules will result in an exit from the alliance for you or possibly your corporation. We have these rules to give our community structure and avoid player drama. 


If you are online playing EVE then you are in the Monkey-Country in game channel. This is not optional.


All members need to be in Discord at all times.  Even when not playing eveonline its best to leave discord open so you can get notified about current events.


We require all members to be in Alliance voice comms when playing eve online. Please make sure its setup correctly after joining alliance.

Standing Fleets

If you are not doing corp ops or stuff that would require its own fleet than you are in the  alliance standing fleet.  No standing fleet? Create one

Alliance Doctrines

FleetUp via a link in the Alliance MOTD. If you can fly them then you need to have them. If you can’t fly them then you need to have support ships while you train them.

Community Respect

This is an internet spaceship game and trolling will happen. However, DOXing, Hate speak and harassment will earn you a quick trip to an exit.


All though we respect your political views the alliance is not a place to share them. Keep Politics out of alliance chat, discord and Mumble. If you want to post or read politics keep it on Facebook.

CEO Managment

CEOs are in charge of their members. If your people are not following rules then you need to sort it. Failing to do so will get your corp blue gloved and shown an exit.

Sites & Anoms

Sites and anoms are first come first serve. We always encourage you to work with others. If your not looting or salvaging offer it to others in alliance chat.

Free Market

SMA runs Free markets. No bitching about market prices. if you dont like the price sell the same stuff cheaper. We do however ask that we keep Doctrine contract prices reasonable. Make sure that you ARE making profit but dont be a jerk.

Alliance Mail 

Do not send in game alliance mail. There is zero need for it. You may send an alliance mail to a forum annoucement or post do not include any content in the mail.


All members are required to both be registered for all sma services through our auth & add all there eveonline characters to seat, no exceptions.

Corporation Requirements

All of our corporations are held to the same expectations. This makes sure our community is based on fairness as we create equal oppurtunuty for all members. 

Minimum member Count

All corporations are required to have a minimum of 5 real people in their corporations, before joining our community. We do this to promote groth within the community.

Alliance Taxes

Every Month your corporation will be billed 500 Million ISK. This is to help pay for infastructure cost for the alliance. The first 60 days after joining SMA is tax free. Your bill is due Immediately.

Fleet Activity

Every single day the alliance will do fleets. You do not have to participate in every fleet but we like to remind you that fleets at an alliance level are based on commuity goals & to better the alliance. All corporations are required to participate in 3 fleets per moth, per active player. 

Member Rules

Corporation leadership is incharge of its players. It is your reponsibily to make sure that your members follow the alliance rules. This includes enforcing these rules.

Current Alliance Goals

SMA has a long rich history in eveonline. If your thinking about joining SMA this is one of the best places you could be to make a diffrence in the community you play in. Since the relaunch of our beloved alliance in 2019 we have been working hard to shape SMA into a great place to call home in eveonline.

Member groth – 2020

This goal is to grow our alliance above 1000 members by June 2020. We will do this with indiviual recruitment as well as corporation recruitment. Join SMA, and dont forget to invite a friend.

Nullsec -2020

We are looking to rejoin nullsec and develope space for our members to use. We have no plans to take over entire regions or go beyond our means but only to build a home that is suited for the many diffrent skilled members of SMA.

Talented Leaders – 2020

Starting in 2019 we hope to start building a pool of talented leadership throughout our entire alliance. There is no better time to get in on leadership then while its litteraly being built from the ground up.

Player Retention – 2020

We not only like to see people come to our alliance but we also like to see them stay. SMA wants to make sure its members are happy with the alliance they choose to be part of. We hope to see player retention above 80%.